Paws for Mardi Gras!

Sierra Gold, 2400 N Buffalo Dr., Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Mystic Mona for Urban Underdogs

Join your fellow Animal Lovers on March 1, 2022 for a Fat Tuesday Fundraiser for Urban Underdogs. Specialty “Fat Tuesday” cocktails, silent auction, great networking with fellow animal lovers and readings by Las Vegas Intuitive, “Mystic” Mona Van Joseph.

Mystic Mona Las Vegas hosting Fat Tuesday
We are grateful to Sierra Gold and Golden Gaming for being our venue host!

All proceeds will benefit Urban Underdogs.

Arrons hour supports urban Underdogs
Las Vegas Rocks radio program supports Urban Underdogs

Mystic Mona®️/Fundraisers

Mystic” Mona Van Joseph hosts 3 major fundraisers per year:

🐶 Paws for Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday, March 1, 2022) and benefits Urban Underdogs

🎃Night of the Witches (Halloween Week) to benefit

🍹Tiaras and Tequila (each May) to benefit

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The best way to predict the future is to create it.
Mystic Mona hosts Mardi Gras

Celebrating the Love of Animals! The Urban Underdogs Story

“It all started with a boy named Duke.

Although I’ve been an animal lover and animal advocate all my life, Duke pulled at my heart like no other. He was big, as in 160 pounds big, he was clumsy, he was slobbery, he was messy, he was almost completely blind, and he was pure love.

I remember reading his story about how a Colorado farmer had said he would shoot him in the head.

I guess Duke had been chasing his chickens. It’s believed Duke had been beaten to such extremes he was completely blind in his left eye.

We had recently lost our tri-pod Golden Retriever, so adopting another dog wasn’t in our immediate plans. It was a Friday night and we arrived at the adoption event Duke was scheduled to be present at. The event was being held at a cute little art gallery in downtown Denver — we were living there at the time — and the weather was perfect.

I remember walking into the gallery and immediately being greeted by all the dogs who were up for adoption, but me, I was looking for Duke. Then suddenly I saw the biggest dog I had ever seen, with the most amazingly sad face, walking up the middle of the room towards me. Something happened at that very moment, something amazing.

Duke and I bonded immediately.”

Cynthia Miyamoto, Founder of Urban Underdogs

Mystic Mona for Urban Underdogs

🎉🎉🎉🎉Paws for Mardi Gras🎉🎉🎉🎉Fat Tuesday, March 1, 2022, 5:30-7:30PM at Sierra Gold

Mystic Mona Las Vegas hosting Fat Tuesday
Buffalo and Smoke Ranch

Sponsorships Welcome!

Fundraiser for cats and dogs Las Vegas

Raffle Items are welcome for this amazing event, please reach out to Mona at 702-233-4790. All companies/people who donate a raffle item will be promoted on this website.

💕Thank you for your loving heart. 💕